Religion-Politics-Child Raising…Oh My!

Posted On July 30, 2012

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Here’s a beautiful old Norwegian stave church building.

Their beliefs were not exactly like mine.  Their children were not raised like mine.  (See the book series, Kristin Lavransdatter, by Sigrid Undset. My copies are translated by Tiina Nunnally. wonderful.) And politics?  Well, look at the Icelandic Sagas (Njal’s Saga, for instance) to see how they lived and served, both rulers and the ruled, way back “then”.

Was it much the same as it is today, a balance of one end to the other, good and bad, happy and sad?  Probably.  Perhaps there wasn’t as much fighting and arguing over these issues, though.  Maybe they worked so hard, they didn’t have time to argue over issues.  Actually, in Njal’s Saga, they seemed to just kill the ones they disagreed with, hah!  Not much discussion there…..

Frankly, i am weary of arguments and disagreements.  At least with knitting, there’s no wrong way.  There’s a pattern and a yarn for everyone.  No one cares what you knit with or how you do it or what you knit.  They’re too taken up with their own knitting.  You can even crochet if you want to, and i’ll just knit away. 

Elizabeth Zimmerman, who would be over 100 if she were alive today, knit her way through WWII in war-torn England, and said, “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crisis.”

So, i choose to leave the arguments to others, and instead choose to knit.  I choose to think about my grandson, who is being raised by my son and daughter in law however they choose to raise him, and plot how i will spoil him.  I choose to vote or not vote by my own conscience, not yours.  Frankly, i don’t care about your vote, either.  And i choose to love the Lord with all my heart, and love others, best i can.

That’s all folks!  Look to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Currently, i am knitting kilt hose for my 24yo son, who loves his kilts.  Pattern here:

Happy Day to you!






3 Responses to “Religion-Politics-Child Raising…Oh My!”

  1. sandy allen

    I have knit slippers for many years. I think most of West Michigan has a pair. I started making them as a way to be patient waiting for my children to come out of the middle school. You know how they love to talk at that age! I made my first afghan ever to celebrate the birth of “our” grandson Greyson. It did not turn out perfect…..but neither am I. It was made with Love, which I hope he will always feel.

    • searchingfornorway

      Hi Sandy! Oh, good for you! Greyson will definitely love his blankie!!! Perfection is in the heart, not the product. I think the word perfect means complete, and your love for this most precious little boy is complete!!! Plus, you completed the project, which is, of course, perfect, haha. I’m so happy we share knitting, we can share our patterns, projects, etc. Thank you for reading my blog. :o)

  2. SavvyPracticality

    Knitting is something you will have to teach me! I haven’t the patience of a gnat, until it comes to children. I’ve honestly tried to learn, but the first imperfect stitch I make has me tearing out whole rows, until…. well normally I have nothing but a twisted mess of knots left. If I ever needed to knit or crochet anything to save my life, I’m doomed.

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