Old Stave Church, Norway

Posted On July 30, 2012

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Stave Church, Norway


2 Responses to “Old Stave Church, Norway”

  1. Lynn Higgins Thompson

    I love your Blog. I, too, am of Norwegian ancestry on my mother’s side. I have never been there, but I do have family there, some of whom still live in the 17th century family home. I belong to the Sons of Norway, and have made lefse by the dozens with them. And I’m like you – I have never tasted lutefisk, but from all I’ve heard, I don’t want to. Although my cousin Thea says I just haven’t had it prepared right. Keep your blog going and I will continue to enjoy it. Tusen takk! ~ Lynn Higgins Thompson

    • searchingfornorway

      Hi Lynn! I thought i replied from my phone last night, but it’s not here, so perhaps i didn’t click the send button, hah! I love hearing you are Norwegian too! It is my mother also who is Norwegian, both her parents. Have you researched your family history? If you haven’t, yet, i can give you some pointers, if you want. I’ve never made lefse, though i’ve eaten a ton of my grandmother’s. She also used to make Romegrut for us. Have you ever had that? Yum…. After my grandparents moved to Redding, they went to all the Sons of Norway things, but by then i had already moved away. My sister took her kids, overheard the boys, in line to get some food, laughing about the “fish balls.” Don’t think she took them again…hahaha.
      When i started looking for ancestry on my grandmother’s side about 15 years ago, i actually was contacted twice (through a message board somewhere) by distant cousins in Norway, who filled me in back to the 1200s. One of them actually lives with his wife in the very farmhouse where my greatgrandmother was born, so we have that in common. That is so amazing. We absolutely must take a trip there!!! Would love to talk more, tell me more about your stories and research findings!

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